Founder. Principal Architect, ArcOn Design

B.Arch.(Hons.)  J.U.

M.Arch.(Urban Design)  J.U.

Visiting Faculty/Critic

Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Om Dayal College of Architecture, Uluberia

North Calcutta Polytechnic, Kolkata

Women's Polytechnic, Chandarnagar

Susweta Dutta

Principal Architect

Ar. Susweta Dutta (Das), in an Architect and Urban Designer who has been recognized as one of the top 50 Young next Generation (i-Gen 2016) architects by Architects & Interior India. 

With her vast experience in working with reputed Interior designers and architects, she leads the Design teams at ArcOn Design. Her understanding of untold present and future needs of clients, are reflected in most of the sensible design solutions provided by ArcOn Design.

She has been teaching architecture and design in various academic Institutions including Jadavpur University.

She is a deep thinker, an expert in psychology of spaces. She has keen interest in child psychology and as a working mother her sensibility and deep rooted understanding of human psyche of spatial dynamics with Nature has helped ArcOn Design to become one of the best School Architects of Eastern India.

She has a sharp eye for details and is a keen observer of Design trends.