Primarc Gangetica

Primarc Gangetica

Landscape design area – 50000 sft
Project Cost: 0.3 Cr. 
Project TypeLandscape
StatusConstruction Stage


The landscaped terrace provides users with a soothing environment to unwind; offering a beautiful view of the surroundings, the landscape enhances the experience one-step-up.


The beautiful deck hanging on the pond offers a soothing view of the waterbody. Apart from soothing the micro-climate of the place, it also is a stress reliever with lotus plants floating around.


The presence of two large waterbodies in the premise makes the place enjoyable; it enhances the view from the balconies and the terraces and enhances the landscaping features as well.


A pro-modernistic design of the entrance gate makes it welcoming and attractive; with the glowing LED panels on the gate, it surely is going to invite a few more inquisitive steps in the premises.