Residence of Promont

Residence of Promont

1500 Sq. Ft.
Project Cost: 1 Cr.
Project TypeKinetic
StatusUnder construction


This apartment unit in Bangalore with a carpet area of 1500 sq.ft. has been designed to be a luxurious unit with a complete focus on kinetic architecture.


The pieces of furniture are designed to offer kinetic features- through an intelligent use of channels and rollers, they transform dynamically to offer services that could have used up double of the present space. 


The design has been kept nominal and simple, with minimal use of color tones and variations. The predominant shades of white and the interplay of dark wood creates a vibrant aura, all the while allowing the light to reflect sufficiently. 


The balcony is decked with wood panels and the presence of a small balcony pool makes it a spot of exotic cravings. The sculpture adds drama to space, along with the mirror which provides the illusion of doubling the total area.


The dark yellow pairs up brilliantly with the white background that this space offers. The wooden flooring and the ceiling hung lights only adds crisp to the delicacy of the dining hall.