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Best contractor Top Builder at Newtown Kolkata doing Turn Key project 

Architect-Led Design-Built

An advanced alternative to ensure best quality control and design optimization where most reliable architects provide superior guidance and controls best and most resourceful contractors

Design-Build is the project delivery method where the design and construction aspects are performed under the strict control of a design-focused renowned architect.


One of the oldest forms of construction (the Architect – ‘Sthapati’ the “master builder” approach), Design-Build continues to grow in popularity because of its many Benefits to owners include:

  1. The owner’s risk is minimized with single-source responsibility.

  2. The schedule is reduced with the design and construction phases overlapping, and the bidding phase eliminated.

  3. Costs are evaluated constantly as construction personnel is engaged early in the process.

  4. Speed of completion

  5. Greater cost savings and earlier cost certainty

  6. “Value Engineering” at conceptual stages rather than too late, after project design is complete

  7. Better communication

  8. Fewer disputes and litigation

  9. Higher quality outcomes

  10. Clear roles, responsibilities, and accountability

  11. Less administrative burden

  12. Reduced risk to the client (because the design-build entity assumes more)

  13. Reduced risk to design consultants and subcontractors which result in lower construction costs, greater efficiencies and fewer litigation claims.        Read more ...

G+4 HIG Cooperative Building at New Town


Design Built Project for HIG Cooperative at NewTown Kolkata

The Construction Quality, Project Delivery Time and Controlling the Cost to stay within Budget Is not easy. It takes careful analysis, a thorough understanding of ground realities, and Confidence by first-hand experiences.

ArcOn Design-Built takes 100% responsibility and lets the owner have the 100% peace of mind.

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