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ArcOn Design believes in a responsible waste-free and apt life. We respect the critical balance of life, thus are very cautious about only optimum intervention.

Since 2006, with its creative multidisciplinary team along with a pool of specialized and experienced consultants, ArcOn Design has been providing innovative, cost-effective, functionally apt designs for spaces that can not only solve the immediate requirement of clients but also has strived to know the underlaying unsaid needs beyond the said wants.  

DESIGN is a search for TRUTH

Design is an act of soul searching. A search for meaning beyond the surface, seeking the ultimate truth. 

We are responsible for every action and non-action. Thus, every line is sacred. Every design must manifest Truth.

Ar. Abhishek Dutta,

Founder & Principal Architect, ArcOn Design

Ar. Abhishek Dutta the best creative architect of Kolkata most respected reputed ethical designer

Ar. Abhishek Dutta

Founder. Principal Architect, ArcOn Design

B.Arch. (Hons.) Gold Medalist (Thesis) J.U.

National Award for Excellence In Architecture, CoA

M.A. (Environment & Development) J.U., 

Architect Susweta Dutta creative interior designer and reputed young best women architects kolkata

Ar. Susweta Dutta

Founder. Principal Architect, ArcOn Design

B.Arch.(Hons.)  J.U.

M.Arch.(Urban Design)  J.U.

The Principal Architects of ArcOn Design

TEAM at ArcOn Design

Over the years ArcOn Design has not only created the fantastic reputation of being the most reliable, trustworthy and most ethical design organisation, they have also been a great source of inspiration for a lot of young designers who have been trained and nurtured at arcon design's studio environment where all ideas are given an opportunity to grow,as we do not believe in any idea ever failing, because you either succeed or you learn what won't work. Supporting our team in whatever way possible in there own career path with or without ArcOn Design has been our policy. 

Our Design Studio is a place where one can express everything freely, without fear of being judged. It is a place made by the team for the team  to let the imagination fly. Besides work, ArcOnites, as we call ourselves, we eat a lot, do party, go to tours together, play TT, enjoy music, do drama have FUN. Most importantly, be there for each other whenever in need.

The spirit and enthusiasm of ArcOn Design have only grown over the past 15 years. We thank all of the arconites who remain a huge part of our journey. 

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