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Sunshine International School, Berhampore, West Bengal

The basic exploration of school offers effective learning environment ensuring the young minds to perceive and play with colours. This eventually helps them grow into the bright and responsive human beings. An educational institution of 2,20,000 sqft in Berhampore, Murshidabad presently under construction.

SUNSHINE ICSE CBSE Best School Design by top architect ArcOn at Beharampur West Bengal Patna Puri

Brahmachari Ashram,
New Town, Kolkata

Creative Ashram design concept by ArcOn for ISKCON at NewTown Kolkata
Indian Vernacular architecture

The ashram concept is incorporated in this unique shelter for the Bramhacharies for a religious/spiritual NGO - A place for retreat in the heart of New Town, Kolkata. The ashram is settled amidst natural surroundings that reflects the true spirit of a Brahmacharya. 

G+9 High-rise Cooperative Housing,
New Town, Kolkata
32member Cooperative New Town Kolkata architect

An interesting G+9 High-Rise apartment building for 32 member Ramakrishna cooperative at New Town under NKDA with each non-typical apartment is Climetologically optimized with natural light and ventilation, 100% Vaastu compliant layout and all members having Covered car parking with Double height entrance Lobby Landscaped Terrace Garden with Gym and Common facilities.

The subtle grey and white facade with niches and recessed balconies create a beautiful play of light and shade. 

HIG Cooperative Apartment Building
New Town, Kolkata
It is taken for granted for (HIG, MIG or LIG) Cooperative housing Societies under WBHIDCO or NKDA, that within NKDA building rules G+4 residential for apartments has to be unimaginative, hackneyed and stereotypical. 
Not for ArcOn Design.
In each of our projects, however small that may be has to comply to our basic standards of each space having natural light and ventilation, besides at the end of the day it must look good.
HIG Cooperative Building at New Town Kol
Saraswati Devi International School,
Bankura, West Bengal 

Set in the beautiful landscape of Bankura, this school offers inclusive learning over an area of 3,00,000 sqft. The administrative building facilitates visual permeability whereas, the academic building is a coherent space opening up to a vast green play area. The meditation block is centrally located acting as the heart of education, 

Best Innovative School design of india by famous architect and interior ArcOn Design at Bamkura SDIS
Creative New Digha Gate competition winning innovative Project by Architect ArcOn Design
New Digha Gate 
Competition Winning Entry
New Digha, West Bengal

The Gate defines the entrance of Digha, a beach town of prosperity developed on the basis of the large inflow of tourists. This project was a competition entry by D.S.D.A. Government of West Bengal that earned first position for its unique concept in 2012. The form of this iconic landmark symbolizes the swirl of the ocean though simple lines through a three dimensional structural band.

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