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Sunshine International School, Berhampur, (W.B.)

Schools are always a challenge to design. You do not want to create a space that just add another brick in the wall.

A space that inspires, connects, shape minds, generates curiosity, makes a subtle yet everlasting mark on the little souls.

It is a huge responsibility.

We sincerely hope the design adds a bubble of positivity to the ocean of cosmic consciousness.

The theme of this design was 'Colours from Sunshine'. How the young minds perceive and play with colours eventually to grow into the bright light which illuminates the world around was a basic exploration of the design.

The architects were sensible enough to design the introvert planning through a series of courtyards and integrating landscape into the architecture as much as possible.

The site for the hostel block was full of Mango trees, which were to be cut in case a single block was to be designed as per the clients brief, but creative manoeuvring in design not only could save 95% of the tree but also create a unique environment for the young minds to grow

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