New Trends in Luxury Bungalow in India - Innovative Modern Design with Nature at it's core

Updated: Oct 18

Modern Luxury Bungalow design is fun for all creative architects. In India, not too many people can afford a luxury villa but the ones who do wants the best in class

One thing that Pandemic lockdown taught us is to be prepared for the unexpected and face its challenges with composure and calm. It also proved the ability to adjust not only our daily routine but our homes too were transformed into schools, offices, gyms, and getaway areas – and proved how we got creative in redesigning and furnishing these spaces.

As the new understanding of the importance of home design ushers in, let's analyze a few design trends that can entice your imagination for a dream home.

1. Islands in the Stream

It’s not surprising that every year, the kitchen has a presence in home design trends. Whether it is bold backsplashes, floating shelving that replaces cabinetry, countertops, or walk-in pantries, kitchen elements seem to always get the attention of designers.

In 2021, the focus in the kitchen and a definite “must-have” is a double-island design.

Just think of all the additional counter space at your disposal with a pair of kitchen islands. You can designate one for meal preparation and serving and the other one solely for dining and gathering/socializing. In addition to all the functional space, double islands also improve traffic flow as the chefs, family members, and guests walk to, from, and around the space.

Another thing to keep in mind – you don’t need a large kitchen to accommodate double islands. It’s just important to have properly sized and designed islands to fit into your kitchen space.

2. High on High Ceilings

While nine-foot-high ceilings are now the industry standard for new construction, some homeowners who long for the grandeur of really high ceilings are including 10- to 12-foot high structures on their "must-have” features. Reminiscent of the ceilings in homes built between 1890 and 1940, modern high ceilings are appealing and enhance the spaciousness and elegance of a home.

From vaulted to beamed, barrel, tray, and coffered, there are many high-ceiling variations that you’ll see in homes. These are a few of the more popular ones.